The Ulster-Scots Collectors Project

About Us

These collectors represent three centuries-worth of significant interaction between Ulster and Scottish literature, culture, heritage and book history. Each individual enjoyed an international reputation as a critic and collector of vernacular literature. 

They were pioneers in their fields who changed the way in which we view Irish and Scottish literature today. Living in Ulster inspired them as thinkers, writers and individuals, and in particular the impact of the province’s cultural interaction with Scotland worked deeply into their professional and personal lives.

Academic Partners


Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Project Aims

A Celebration

This project celebrates the work of four major collectors through a major digitisation, outreach and development programme that highlights the Ulster-Scots poetic tradition and its impact upon with Scottish, English and American poetic traditions.

The project works in accordance with the core values of the Ulster-Scots Agency to promote Ulster-Scots literature, language, history and culture. It represents a major partnership between the three institutions that will provide the following aims:

  1. To offer access to a number of hitherto unavailable resources,
  2. To build academic and public/ community interest in the subject area,
  3. To provide opportunities for universities, schools and the public to participate in Ulster-Scots literature, culture and heritage,
  4. To generate opportunities for students to gain appreciation of and work experience in the Ulster-Scots sector.

We hope to disseminate knowledge of and raise awareness of Ulster-Scots language, culture, history and heritage and the role the province of Ulster has played in shaping the appreciation of Scottish literature, language and heritage in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the United States of America.